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Cell Phone Stuff

One of my "many" smaller hobbies is the making of backgrounds and ringtones for cellphones. Since I currently own a Motorola i450, most of what you see here will be customized for that phone, although in my experience, they should work fairly decently for any NexTel based phone, and can be readily adapted to others, should anyone desire to spend the time.

Material distributed here is available free of charge, and without guarantee of support or compatibility. In other words, if it doesn't work, you can feel free to email me, but don't demand I make it work on your phone. Folks making such demands will be ignored at best, or ridiculed and mocked if you really manage to miff me.

Ring Tones

Leeroy Jenkins! [WAVE] - Leeroy doing what Leeroy was famous for. Don't know who Leeroy is? See him on Google Video
At least I have Chicken [WAVE] - Leeroy sulking.... "At least I have chicken!!"

Austin Powers [WAVE] - Ringtone similar to the one Austin Powers used (from "In Like Flint", actually).

Good Eats Ringtone [MIDI] - I'm a HUGE Alton Brown fan. Here is a ringtone based on the theme from his hit show, Good Eats.
Good Eats Ringtone [MIDI] - An alternate version (32% more funkified)....

Definitely Sucking [WAVE] - Helga says it best on that VW Commerical.... "It's definitely SUCKING!"

(c)2002-2006 Matthew Payne