SwishCtl - SWISH-E ActiveX API

void swishctl.Init(str regkey)

regkey specifies a string value under the "HKLM\Software\SWISH-E Team\SwishCtl\Options" key which is a space separated list of filenames. Example: "IndexFiles" = "docs.idx help.idx"

regkey is relative to the directory specified in "HKLM\Software\SWISH-E Team\SwishCtl\Options\IndexLocation" string value. Example: "IndexLocation" = "c:\swishctl\"

var swishctl.NewSearch( str query )
var res = swishctl.NewSearch( "test" )

query is equivalent to swish-e's -w command line option. It is the full text of your query. It can be changed later through swishctl.Execute.

void swishctl.SetSort( str sort )
swishctl.SetSort("asc swishdocpath")
swishctl.SetSort("desc swishdocpath")

sort order of search results. The string is a space separated list of valid document properties. Each property may contain a qualifier that sets the direction of the sort.

str swishctl.Error()
alert( swishctl.Error() )

returns the text of the last SWISH-E error that occured; returns 0 if no errors.

void swishctl.SetSearchLimit( str property, str low, str high )
swishctl.SetSearchLimit( "year", startyr, stopyr )

Sets a range from low to high inclusive that the given property must be in to be selected as a result. Call multiple times to set more than one limit on different properties. Limits are ANDed, that is, a result must be within the range of all limits specified to be included in a list of results.

void swishctl.Execute( str query )
swishctl.Execute( "some words" )

Executes a query based on the parameters in the search object.query is an optional query string to use for the search (query replaces the set query string in the search object).

int swishctl.Hits()

Returns the number of results for the query. If zero and no errors were reported after calling swishctl.Execute then the query returned zero results.

void swishctl.SeekResult( int position )
swishctl.SeekResult( startresult - 1 )

Seeks to the position specified in the result list. Zero is the first position and swishctl.Hits-1 is the last position. Seeking past the end of results sets a non-critical error condition.

int swishctl.NextResult()

Fetches the next result from the list of results. Returns 0 if no more results are available.

str swishctl.ResultPropertyString( str property )
swishctl.ResultPropertyString( "swishdocpath" )

Fetches the property specified for the current result.